3-Month Wedding Prep Fitness Plan For Brides – 1 Months to go!


The countdown is on! You’re just a few months away from a more fit, healthier you. Check out Style Network fitness expert Cindy Whitmarsh’s 3-month plan to success!

Congrats on your engagement, bride! Chances are you’re feeling some seriously mixed emotions right now. You’re overwhelmed with excitement as you begin planning your dream wedding, but you’re also terrified that you won’t have time to get as fit as you’d like to before the big day arrives. Don’t fret; it’s definitely not too late. You can start a healthy fitness plan as close as three months away from your wedding day and still achieve your fitness goals. (We’re not kidding!) We caught up with Cindy Whitmarsh, a fitness coach with more than 14 years of experience in fitness and nutrition.

As president of Cindy Whitmarsh Fitness, Cindy knows her stuff and she’s willing to share some of her secrets on how to get the body you want in the healthiest way possible. Follows these guidelines and you’re sure to be in better shape when you head to the altar:

For the final four weeks you’ll want to reduce your calorie intake to speed up your weight loss.

Nutrition Guidelines
Keep sodium under 800 milligrams a day.
Limit yourself to a healthy low-carb diet plan and avoid overloading your plate.
Drink 90 to 128 ounces of water a day!
Fitness Plan

Perform cardio for 45 minutes, 6 days a week.

Follow the weight-training plan from month three, two days a week. Add a core-training workout to your plan for two days a week.
Things to Keep in Mind as You Do This:

Check with your physician before starting any weight-loss program
Stay hydrated. If you feel hungry, it might be that you are dehydrated and your body is telling you by making you feel hungry.
Make sure to never skip meals or snacks. You don’t want to starve your body.
Fiber helps to keep you more satiated. If a meal isn’t satisfying you, add some green leafy vegetables.
Never skip breakfast. It helps your body burn calories more efficiently.
Make sure to bake, broil and steam your food instead of fry.
Make sure to include protein when you’re eating carbohydrates to keep your blood sugar levels balanced.
Put your fork down between bites and chew your food thoroughly. Most people eat so fast they don’t notice when they’re full.
Plan ahead. Make sure your healthy snacks are readily available and your lunch is packed so that you don’t get in a situation that makes you reach for something that’s not on your healthy eating plan.
Keep a positive attitude. You can and will reach your goals if you put your mind to it!

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