Beautiful Brides: Getting Fit for Your Wedding


The past few months we have been hard at work testing out different fitness regimes here at Pacific Weddings. We are on a mission to bring you a series of stories that will help guide your quest to be in top shape for your wedding day. It has actually been really fun! Most people who know the girls in our office, understand that we love fashion, so we want to look our best. But we also love sweets—big time. That said, we are no strangers to the gym, spin class, yoga and many other means of shedding calories. One of the interesting things about trying out different weight loss/fitness programs is zeroing in on which ones seem to target specific problem areas. If you are planning to wear a strapless wedding gown, then this post is for you!
Today I am going to share one of my favorite workout systems, the Tracy Anderson Method. If you have never heard of Tracy, she is the one responsible for the amazing figures of  Gwyneth Paltrow, Courteney Cox, and Shakira, bringing them to what she calls “their tiniest, strongest points.” The first time I saw Tracy, it was her beautiful toned arms that struck me (one of my most stubborn problem areas!). I couldn’t wait to try our her techniques to see if she held the key to trimming down my upper arms, and I am happy to say I think it’s working! I have only been using her Tracy’s Perfect Design Series videos for a few weeks, and I am “awakening” muscles in places I never knew existed—like the very top of my buns. I am convinced that her methods really do work. I’ll admit it has taken some practice to get the unconventional moves down. (Yes, my kids found it pretty hysterical the first time I attempted the video! I think even my Jack Russell had a good laugh.) But hey, it is all worth it if I can transform into my “tiniest, strongest” self, right?

We all want the well-defined, toned dancer’s body, and Tracy’s innovative systems specifically work toward that model. She focuses on working the smaller accessory muscles, “waking them up” to achieve lean definition and avoid building bulkier muscles. If your wedding is coming up soon, not to worry—Tracy’s new book, Tracy Anderson’s 30-Day Method: The Weight-Loss Kick-Start that Makes Perfection Possible, is coming soon and will be in book stores on September 20th. You can pre-order on Amazon now. I will keep you posted on my progress—just watching her video keeps me motivated! If you have great fitness finds for fellow brides, please leave a comment or send me an email.  xo ~ robyn

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