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They make a deep search of parlours and wedding houses which can make them look better and the best. Sometimes tragically women go to low cost or low quality parlours which spoils their most important day of life by unbalanced makeup giving them a weirdy look. We will explain you some tips so that you can look a queen bride.
The tips are as follows:

1. For a smoother look of skin Always use heavy cream foundation and cover it with powder foundation .

2. Sometimes it seems that you have painted the face and use a large amount of face powder, to avoid this condition use the powder foundation on neck, years and arms too.

3.The shade you choose for the makeup must be matching with the powder used for a better look.

4.There are some camouflage makeup techniques which make you look totally different, for the best outcome of youselves use those techniques so that you can make your wedding day most memorable.

5.if you have undereye circles hide them by using concealer because these can spoil all your hardwork on makeup.

6.During designing of eye shape move brush in a semi-circle motion. Remember, Always use small brush to blend a medium tone color.

7.Use light shades for eyelid base , for example light peach colour.

8.Choose the matching lip liner according to your lipstick means it can mix up with it and this also look good in photographs.

9. Always place the focus on the face rather than eye and lips.

10. For small lips use light colors beacuse they look more better in them and for fuller lips use the deepshades which will make their look better.

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