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Wedding Traditions-adding or making your own!

Dear Readers, Thinking about wedding traditions? What might be the ones you wish to use, or not. There is always history in how things got started. Here's to sharing a few of those with you. Whey does the bride wear white? If you think it symbolizes purity, you're right. In Romans times, however, the color stood for joyous celebrations. Today people seem to prefer

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Color Therapy with Wedding Floral

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Beach Wedding Destinations

Dear Readers, If you are like most couples ready to marry you may be thinking about finding affordable wedding venues. Taking it a step further, how about a beach destination wedding. If you are wanting a beach wedding, consider Hampton Roads, Virginia, great beaches in many locations. Accessible to everyone and just moments away is Busch Gardens. You and your Groom

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To Wait or Not to Wait: The Great Baby Debate

There are many factors that can go into the decision of starting a family. Couples may hope to conceive before reaching a certain age, while others leave it up to chance on their honeymoon or hold off until certain career goals are met. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the average age of a first-time mom is 25.4. But when is the right time

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Time to decide on flowers

Dear Readers, The WoW of your wedding is upon you! Details seen to; dress-check, shoes-check, photographer-check, venue-check, bridesmaid/groomsmen-check. Everything in place, except flowers-uh oh or an oh no can come quickly. What to pick, what flowers do I like, what flowers come in my wedding colors and cost. Who can I trust to work with me and do what I want. 

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Brides while you’re shopping for vendors, keep in mind price versus value.

  Let's start with some quick definitions: Price: the sum or amount of money or its equivalent for which anything is bought, sold, or offered for sale. Value: relative worth, merit, or importance. So are you a price shopper or a value shopper? Sure no one wants to be price gouged as there is already the appearance of that thanks to certain TV shows. As

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Saving Money on a destination Wedding


As a woman we always picture our perfect landscape for our Dream Wedding… green fields, mountains surrender by a magic forest or my personal favorite a majestic beach with the perfect sunset!! Ones you get the Prince Charming, the ring and the date the dream become alive, and you realize that your dream needs organize, planning and help for become real, that’s why

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10 Wedding Mistakes To Avoid


10. Don't Rock the Cash Bar When it comes to alcohol at your reception, what you serve is entirely up to you. Whether you choose to serve a full bar, limited cocktails, Beer and Wine, or no alcohol at all will be based on various factors including budget. The one option that is not recommended is a Cash Bar. Your guests should be gracious enough to accept what is being

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Wedding bells?! A dozen ways to save and still splurge


from the staff at Angie's List: The average American wedding cost nearly $30,000 and that’s a big investment. To keep costs down, take a team approach to budget planning and spending offers young couples a chance to practice their give-and-take skills that will come in handy for years to come. Cost-cutting Wedding Tips Guest List: Cutting the guest list is going to

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10 Tips for Planning the Perfect Honeymoon


It's your turn to plan your ultimate dream vacation, your honeymoon. Until recently, you've been green with envy over pictures of these destinations featuring celebrities or from your friends on Facebook, but now you're ready to look fabulous on a sandy beach and pose with that historical monument with your recently wedded sweetie. I'm here to give you an insider's look

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Sandy Malone: How To Keep Your Wedding Guest List Small

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How many brides and grooms out there are willing to admit that they jump for joy every time they get a "Declines with regret" RSVP in the mail? If at least half of you didn't raise your hands, you're big fat liars. With the cost of weddings today, and the cost of living rising while the amount of money we're earning is shrinking, every dollar counts at your wedding. And

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Wedding Planning: 6 Crucial Questions To Ask A Wedding Planner


By Cheryl Clements | The Daily Muse You’re engaged! How exciting! Now what? Most brides turn to wedding blogs and magazines for ideas and advice, only to quickly start feeling overwhelmed with all the steps that are involved in planning a wedding. All of a sudden, you have to start thinking about setting a budget, picking a date, finding a venue, hiring a caterer, and

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Ingrid Haas: An Open Letter to Crazy Brides


I've heard it time and time again: "my wedding is going to be soooo different." Sadly, no, it probably won't be. I love that you've found "the one." I love you, and I love him, and I'm a huge fan of love -- really, I am! But here's what's irking me: You've lost your damn mind, woman! You bitch and complain about having to go to all these showers, bachelorettes, engagement

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