Common Brow Don'ts: How to Avoid Looking Like Cruella de Vil on Your Wedding Day

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Nobody likes an angry bride. Unfortunately, whether you feel happy or not, an angry bride is exactly how you’ll appear if you over-pluck your brows on your wedding day. Sure, most of the focus will be on the dress, the ring and your eyes, but never underestimate the power of a perfectly styled set of brows. They are, after all, the frame to your face. In fact, the shape and style of your brows can be the best compliment to the overall beauty of your look.

To ensure your brows accurately reflect your personal style on your wedding day (and not that of a Disney villain), here are some expert tips you won’t want to miss:

Do not over-tweeze or thin brows in an attempt to get the “perfect” shape.

It’s easy to get carried away primping and prepping for the big day, so be weary of at-home maintenance, as it can easily take a turn for the worse. For instance, a single hair mistakenly removed may cause a “hole” in the brow, and in an effort to even things out, additional hairs are oftentimes removed, resulting in thinned or over-tweezed brows. When brows become too thin or overly tweezed, they can age a blushing bride and disrupt facial symmetry.

To avoid this potential beauty faux pas, try following these simple rules for ideal brow shaping (you can use an eyeliner pencil to measure):

· The inner corner of the brow should align with the nostril

· The line from the nostril to the outer iris of the eye indicates where the peak or arch of the brow should be

· The tail of the brow should measure from the nostril to the outside corner of the eye

Never underestimate the power of the brow pencil or brow powder!

Too many brides focus only on accentuating the eyes, completely neglecting their brow potential. A photograph on its own can be beautiful, but a photograph in a frame becomes a work of art. The same is true of the relationship between the eyes and brows. Just as you would doll up your lashes and lids, also put some effort into styling your brows. If you thought angry-looking, over-tweezed brows looked bad in a wedding photo, wait till you see what nonexistent or unruly brows can do to your album.

To achieve a classic wedding-day brow style:

· Use a brow pencil or brow powder to define and add dimension. Brow pencils are excellent for darker or bolder brows, while brow powder is great for creating a natural-looking tint to sparse or lighter brows.

· When using brow pencils, make short strokes, replicating hair growth, follow the same measurements as you would when shaping to create your ideal shape.

· Seal the deal with a brow-setting wax to keep hairs in place throughout the day … and night.

Don’t apply glitter to your brow bone.

Glittering, sparkling accents on your dress can be the ideal touch, but when applied to the brow bone, even the best intentions for achieving a twinkle can work against you. Many brides have been taught to highlight just beneath their brow to create drama and dimension; however, there is a right and a wrong way to do this. Something to consider: Glitter reflects light, and while in person this may appear enchanting, in a photo it may equal disaster. What might appear subtle with slight glittery sparkle in person often becomes an intense highlight shade under the photographer’s lights. This is why we suggest you shimmer and glow, rather than sparkle and shine.

To create a shimmering highlight on and off film:

· Choose a shimmering or iridescent-based brow highlighting pencil over a glittering eyeshadow or cream.

· Draw a light line across the brow bone and lightly blend with your ring finger. This will add shape and dimension to your brows and eyes.

Simply follow these three easy tips and you’ll look classic and pretty as a princess come your wedding day.

Wishing all your dreams come true on your wedding day,

Sumita Batra

Sumita Batra is an internationally renowned celebrity stylist, author and CEO of the brow threading empire, Ziba Beauty. As the recognized expert in The Art of Threading® and The Art of Mehndi®, Sumita’s vision and passion to modernize ancient eastern beauty has positioned Ziba Beauty as the clear leader in brow and body artistry.

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