Production-line workers get CEO's $3 Million Dollar Bonus.


If the CEO’s and upper management of the major Phone Companies, Oil Companies, Insurance Companies and Wal-mart would do this here in America, United States of America would no longer be in a recession. - America’s Bride Magazine



CEO Yang Yuanqing with a $3 million bonus for Lenovo posting extremely healthy financials back in May, has distributed his bonus among junior-level employees. Some 10,000 receptionists, production-line workers, and assistants. He could of added the money to $14 million dollar earnings from last year but decided to make a change it other peoples lives and help spark his local economy.

Its very good to see a CEO/Corporation who’s country and success has given them lots of wealth, knows that they should give back to that country and its workers out of free will and not because the government forces them to in taxes and penalties or to Non-for-Profits for tax breaks. Here is a CEO who knows how real economic stimulus works!


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