Taking wedding photos – as a guest.

I have weddings to attend this summer no, none of them mine, and of course the big debate only in my mind is whether to bring my bulky Nikon D300 with an equally bulky 70-200mm lens, or the nice, compact Nikon P7000 that I just bought with a Christmas gift card — woot! expressly for this purpose.Heres my dilemma: Will I be as satisfied with the P7000 images? Well see.A bigger question for all of us is how to get great photos without interfering with the professional hired for the occasion or the event itself. I asked Kate Passaro, who shoots weddings and knows other wedding photographers, for some tips.————————————————–By Kate PassaroHow many guests bring a camera to a wedding? These days folks are taking photos with cell phones, cameras, iPads – weve seen it all! Here are a few tips and tricks to improve your wedding imagery as a guest.If youre reading this article, it probably means youre a photographer who really enjoys it or eventually wants to go professional. So I have one disclaimer before we get to the good stuff: One unspoken rule among photographers is that you shouldnt use images on your website or marketing materials that were taken when you were not the official photographer. You might get yourself in hot water with your local network of photographers. While these folks may be your competition, they may also be some of your most important resources during your career if you decide to “go pro” later.In the same respect, after you attend a wedding, consider holding back on posting images on social media websites and or sending them through e-mail for a week or two, unless its okay with the couple. Some like to see guests photos right away; others like to present their professional images when and how theyd like. Sometimes the “big reveal” has more impact when they are the first images shown.So here are some tips Ive collected from wedding photographers from Boston to Edmonton and beyond!

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