Coalitions comments on Huffington Post Guide to Wedding Etiquette.


In response to a Huffington Post guide on new wedding etiquette and traditions that can be broken, Broken Promises Coalition releases a statement focusing on one tradition that should never break.

Bohemia, NY (PRWEB) July 23, 2012

On July 23, 2012, the Broken Promises Coalition released a statement following a Huffington Post article in response to traditional wedding etiquette that’s now acceptable to break, leading the Coalition to comment on the one tradition that should never break.

According to the Huffington Post, there are ten wedding traditions and rules of etiquette that can now be broken as times change. These traditions include not asking for money instead of a gift, providing every guest over the age of 18 with a +1 invite, and brides needing to wear white. The article states that these traditions and rules, among others, are now able to be broken.

“Times change, and rules and standards must be flexible to a certain degree, that much is true. But the Broken Promises Coalition believes that the one tradition that should never be broken is the sentimental and symbolic value placed on wedding rings,” states Clay Darrohn, Broken Promises representative. “While some rules can be broken, we never want to hear about a couple who have taken their vows with a ring, only to have that ring break. That’s why we’re imploring manufacturers and distributors of tungsten carbide bridal jewelry to disclose information about their products and asking the bridal jewelry industry as a whole to hold themselves to a higher standard.”

Tungsten carbide is a brittle compound that, when fatigued from daily use, can break or shatter – a fact that most brides and grooms are unaware of. Broken Promises believes that the public has a right to know this information before they even consider purchasing a tungsten ring. This is done with the hope that the newlyweds can carry with them for their entire lives the same rings that they have had blessed and used to exchange vows.

The Broken Promises Coalition is currently sponsoring a petition that will demand that retailers be upfront regarding the truth about tungsten carbide. For all consumers who believe that love, vows, promises, and the rings that represent them should last a lifetime, this petition is available through the Broken Promises Facebook page.

Broken Promises is a grassroots consumer advocacy group dedicated to raising awareness about misleading information regarding tungsten carbide wedding rings. Started in April of 2012, Broken Promises is a group of concerned consumers dedicated to sharing information about the brittle nature of tungsten rings to brides and grooms to-be.

via The Broken Promises Coalition Comments on Wedding Traditions That Should Not Change While Other Etiquette Adapts With The Times | Virtual-Strategy Magazine.

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