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Tina Andrean, famous wedding dress designer, providing beauty advice or Bridal Makeup for women before their wedding day in the book A White Dress Story. One of the most important part to look beautiful on the wedding day is the skin on the face or Bridal Makeup. Then, what should be done?

Perform facial treatment (Bridal Makeup) at least 6 months before the day of H. It is necessary to lift the skin, dead skin and blackheads.
Do not do it (Bridal Makeup) facial treatment 10 days before D-day to prevent scar tissue and let’s face from the wound healed (if any).
Drink water as much as possible to create a bright face and damp. Click on Hair and Makeup Bridal Hair Bridal Makeup.
The right foundation color is the key to your beauty (Makeup Bride), then the test makeup to the makeup as often as possible is very important. Choose a foundation color that most closely resembles your skin color (Bridal Hair Makeup).
Do not forget the blush on. Cheek spreader is very important to make a face (Bride Makeup) you look more shiny and fresh. Use shadow color pink cheeks if you have clear skin, use the shadow color of roses if you tend to dark skin.
Apply foundation and powder evenly in the face, especially around the eyes. Remember, the camera will capture every deficiency and excess on the face. (Makeup Bride) Of course you do not want to look like a mask on your wedding day, right?
Try to appear natural.
Requested that the dresser (Bride Makeup / Hair Makeup) remains standby near you on the day. When his time taking pictures, asking it to provide extra loose powder to your face does not look “sheeny” because the oil in the face.
Use lip balm with vitamin E a few days earlier to prevent chapped lips.
Overcome dry skin on the lips gently brushed her lips with a toothbrush soaked in warm water.
Use brightly colored lipstick. Nude lipstick or chocolate it will make you look pale in color, especially if you wear a white wedding dress (Bridal Makeup Hair). If you are using natural-colored lipstick, add a little rose-colored lipstick. Meanwhile, if you use a dark lipstick, mix a little pink lipstick.

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